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Every family has a story and this is ours! 
We had one week to make magic happen and give our very first store a fresh look. We removed a few walls and scrapped carpet glue off concrete for about three day... but it was worth it! We are so proud of this store and how far we have come. Success is great but the journey has absolutely been the best part of Golden Girls! 
This was the first day of setting the floor in our fresh new store! This is the fun stuff and where the real magic really happen! 
(Erin and her dad Gwynne Golden)
The Golden Family is a hard working crew! We are a family of entrepreneurs and take pride in everything we do. If one of us has a project we all have a project!
The Ultimate Golden Girl
Being a Golden Girl is all about staying true to who you are and what you stand for. Dolly certainly paved the way for women to be strong and embrace who they are. We are all about surrounding ourselves and our customers with women that inspire. So when you walk into Golden Girls you are surrounded with a few of our favorite gals on the wall!
We also are sure to surround ourself with whatever brings us joy. We want our look to be our own and as original as possible. Every idea is inspired by something or somewhere that gave us creative inspiration. For us, we love eclectic, vintage & industrial elements in our stores. Old spools, industrial warehouse pendants, pipe & flange fixtures and raw concrete are a few loved features.
Looking at this picture may seem like nothing more than a concrete floor but we worked hard for this floor. We spend days pulling up laminate floor and layers of carpet glue (which is the devil by the way) and busting up tile to bring this smooth and beautiful concrete to life. We had a small crew of helpers which we are eternally grateful for that spent day hand scraping every inch of this space. Note: If you ever decide to take on feat, we found no solvent nor machine that really got the job done... hand grinder help but still pretty time consuming. Get a scraper and lots of fresh blades and have fun!
No project would be complete without a little #shiplap! When we first opened Golden Girls, there were a few walls that where damaged and it just wasn't in the budget to do a bunch of sheetrock repairs. So when we made the decision to remodel we knew this was a decorate feature we HAD to have!!! 

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